Esington Glass (Free Shipping)
Esington Glass (Free Shipping)
Esington Glass (Free Shipping)
Esington Glass (Free Shipping)

Esington Glass (Free Shipping)

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Each glass is a powerful motivating force in a simple, elegant and beautiful package. 

Esington Glass productivity timers are filled with millions of solid steel nanospheres. These make the glasses unique and give them a spectacular visual effect as the spheres bounce chaotically around the glass. This also produces a wonderful white noise.

The Esington Method uses the Esington Glass 25 minute timer as the timer and boils down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Turn off all distractions
  2. Turn over the glass to activate the 3 cues
  3. Work on a single task until your time runs out
The Esignton glass is designed to help you develop a timeboxing habit as quickly and easily as possible.  25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest.  It does this by giving you three powerful cues to train your initial habit:

This unique combination of cues was designed to lower the activation energy required to form the habit.  High activation energy is the prime reason habits don’t stick(and why only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year's resolutions).  


The Esington Method trains your brain to go into “hyperfocus” mode (also known as "flow") when the above cues are given.  This gives you the ability to destroy procrastination with the simple action of turning over the glass.  It's the famous "Click-Whirr" phenomenon Robert Cialdinii popularized in the book Influence.

The power of the Esington Method

  1. You are setting up an ultra fast work/reward cycle.  Once the 25 minutes are up, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and rewarded with a break.  A dopamine rush will ultimately cement the habit in place and change you fundamentally as a person.  

  2. Studies show periodic resting increases the quality, quantity and creativity of your work.

  3. You destroy what’s known as Parkinson’s law, which states that people and organizations will fill up and use all of the available time given to a particular task.  For example, if you’re told you have a week to write a report, it will likely take you an entire week to get it done. Once you implement timeboxing, since you are given so little time to “sprint”, you may finish that report in one or two sprints.

"Soft Stop"

The Esington timer has a “soft stop”.  There are no annoying bells or beeps to signal the end of your cycle.  Sometimes, your focus can take you well beyond 25 minutes, and that’s ok (especially if working on lower-energy tasks like answering emails).  You don’t want to lose a valuable train of thought.  Just be sure to rest proportionally to the energy spent working.